Robbie H

Robbie H

Robbie, who participates in our ADP program, joined Vocational Visions in 2016. Robbie would like to share, in his own words, about many exciting things that have been going on in his life. This article was first published in our July 2021 newsletter.

 Below, we have the opportunity to learn some interesting facts about Robbie in his own words.

My name is Robbie. I am originally from Surrey in England. I have lived in America for fifteen years now. I became a United States citizen in 2019. My family and I felt very proud at my citizenship ceremony in January 2020. It was very cool.

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I have been with Vocational Visions for five years. I have really enjoyed the zoom sessions and seeing my friends safely online during the pandemic. Some of my favorite sessions are dance, reading, counting and group chat.

In my spare time, I like to play FIFA ⚽️ on my PlayStation 4. My favorite soccer team is Arsenal. They are a north London premier league club. My family loves soccer. I hope to visit the UK again one day to see a live game at the Emirates Stadium. I like to watch soccer on TV with my Dad. We’re the best of friends! Here's a picture of me, my dad and my nephew Liam in our soccer shirts.

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I like to watch other sports too including 🏎 Formula 1 (F1) car racing.

Over the years, I have played soccer, basketball and floor hockey. I learned to swim when I was small. I like swimming in the lake & pool. I also like relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day.

I like to be helpful and responsible and enjoy doing lots of things for myself including cooking and cleaning my room. I like to be organized. 

I help my oldest sister with taking care of my 14-month old nephew. His name is Liam. He is lots of fun and we take him to the park.

Update 2022: I now have a niece and am spending Christmas with my sister to hang out with my neice and nephew.

I push him on the swing and he likes to go down the slide on his tummy.

My sister Elizabeth lives on a mini farm so I also help with the horse, pony & chickens. We also have dogs which were all rescued from animal shelters. I love them all. I sometimes bake dog treats for them with my sister and I even hosted a Zoom activity for ADP during the pandemic where we taught my VV friends how to make pumpkin and peanut butter flavored dog biscuits. Of course, our dogs loved appearing in the Zoom activity with me. I even got the opportunity to show off our horse Alfie.

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I am passionate about music. I play a mix of different songs. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite singer / actor is Selena Gomez.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know about me. Thank you for shining the spotlight on me. We ALL shine bright🌟

Robbie H., age 27.

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