Iain F.

Iain F.

Iain has been attending our DTAC Pala program at Vocational Visions since 2009. Here, Iain shares about a very special talent he has. This article was first shared in the September 2020 issue of our newsletter.

ian field 2Iain is an amazing individual who loves to express himself through art. His tools of choice are his trusty colored pencils and his chalk pastels. With them, he opens up a world of endless possibilities. He began his hobby 20 years ago when he started to draw spaceships and futuristic cars. Throughout quarantine, Iain used his extra downtime well by working hard to improve his artistic skills.


Here's a picture of Iain with his favorite coloring book. Iain is very detailed and takes his time whenever he colors. He prides himself in his ability to be a master of color blending.

Iain began taking classes at Art Steps in Mission Viejo a few years ago to sharpen his skills. 

Below are a couple of pictures Iain has made that he is especially proud of.

ian field 3Frodo Baggins

Here is his freehand drawing of Frodo from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Iain is very proud of this picture because it was challenging to complete. It took a very long time and he put in a lot of effort so he felt very accomplished when he finally finished it. Frodo is one of the main characters and Iain likes the way the actor, Elijah Wood, portrayed Frodo in the movies. Iain used pastels to create this masterpiece. The color combinations, details and shading elements bring realism to the image.


ian field 4

Alvin from Alvin and The Chipmunks

Iain loves cartoons. This picture he drew and colored is one of his most special pictures. Iain loves the predicaments that Alvin Seville and his chipmunk friends get into. He also enjoys their singing.


ian field 5

It is said that all artists are dreamers and Iain dreams of time traveling into the future, like his favorite movie Back to the Future. If he could ever build a time travel car, he would travel to the future to share his art.

With all of his knowledge, Iain would one day love to become an educator and help others to unlock their own potential within the field of art.  

Aside from drawing, Iain is also a big a big fan of Disneyland.  We're a big fan of his art and always enjoy seeing what he is working on.
Iain with Stormtrooper at Disneyland 

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