Jairus V.

Jairus V.

Jairus has been attending our ADP program since 2016. Here, he shares his pandemic adventures while Vocational Visions was closed to in-person programming. This article was first published in our November 2020 newsletter.

Jairus has been attending Vocational Visions since he was 20 years old and has become a shining star in Job Coach Elle's life. Jairus loves to take long walks with his family and loves the outdoors as you can see from the photo collage above. They had quite a lot of adventures this past summer including encountering a very big rattlesnake on one of their outdoor adventures.

Jairus Family Collage 2

Jairus enjoys talking about his adventures. He is a very good communicator and loves to tell coach Elle stories about them every time they chat.

jairus villamater 2

If you asked Jairus what he has missed most about VV life before the pandemic, it would probably be cleaning the horse restrooms at The J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center, and, of course, seeing all his VV friends in person. He's happy to be able to attend our Zoom activities during the week.

Recently, Jairus has taken on some new responsibilities at home. Jairus has been babysitting a family member's dog named Hulk for a whole month. His parents made a promise to Jairus and his sister Julia that, if they kept up to their responsibilities taking care of Hulk, his parents would adopt a dog for them. Jairus' mom Maureen said of her son - "I am so proud of Jairus. He dutifully walks Hulk twice a day, morning and early evening. He gives Hulk the right amount of food and water too. I believe a big part of his success is because of the Vocational Visions staff including Job Coach Elle and ADP Program Manager Atrem." 


Jairus' family is still looking for a dog who needs a new home. They have explored shelters and rescues. If, by any chance, you know of a small to medium sized dog who needs a new home, let us know and we will share with the family. 

Here is a summary of the type of dog they hope to adopt:

  • Approximately 6 months to 2 years old
  • Kid friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Prefer a dog that doesn't shed much like a Poodle or Schnauzer mix

The family hopes that they will find a special dog who will become a best friend for Jairus. 


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