Ashley S.

Ashley S.

Ashley joined our Supported Employment program at Vocational Visions in 2020. We're excited to share that Ashley started a new job at Ralphs grocery store in San Clemente on 12/21/2020. This article was first published in our January 2021 newsletter.

ashley salas 2 Ashley has another job that is currently on hold due to the pandemic. She works at the Honda Center in Anaheim. She started working there on 10/27/2018 as an Usher and was promoted to work in one of the 300 level suites.

Her job duties include seating people, giving directions to food and restrooms, answering basic questions and stopping people while the puck is in play. 

She loves working hockey games and she knows all of the names of the Anaheim Ducks players and their stats. However, her favorite events to work, so far, were the Pink, Jonas Brothers and Elton John concerts. 

When life gets back to normal, Ashley will be excited to return to that job while keeping her job at Ralphs. Welcome to VV Ashley. Congrats on your new job!







Editor's note: We're happy to report that Ashley is back working at her Ralphs job.

Ashley S at Ralphs


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