Allise L.

Allise L.

Allise joined Vocational Visions in 2008 and she participates in two of our programs - Supported Employment and DTAC Pala.  Here, she shares about one of her favorite hobbies. This article was first shared in our March 2021 newsletter.

Allise would like to share about her knitting hobby. Allise learned to knit from her grandma and mom when she was about 17 years old. Since then, she has been practicing her knitting skills when she has down time so she can keep herself busy. One of her favorite things to knit is scarves. Since she doesn't have a lot of down time, it does take 2 or 3 months to make a scarf depending on the length. Here is a collection of some scarves she has made. The pink scarf was made as a gift for her cousin.

Allise with Scarves

Allise has also begun to knit blankets. She keeps the red white and blue one shown in the picture below in her room.

allise lovell 2

Allise has been employed by Pavilions in Newport Beach for over 12 years. She has been on leave from work for many months due to the pandemic but she is happy to report that she has received her vaccinations and is going back to work this month on March 15.


allise lovell 4When Allise wasn't working, she kept herself busy with VV's Zoom activities. She enjoys math activities that help her to get better at counting and managing money. But her favorite Zoom activity is arts and crafts which is hosted by VV DTAC Pala employee Laura who also happens to be assigned to provide regular support to Allise. Allise really enjoys communicating with Laura one on one each week, as well as in the arts and crafts Zooms. Laura has been working with Allise for about a year now. Since Allise is hearing challenged, Laura uses sign language to assist with communicating. Laura describes Allise as someone who is very patient, friendly and kind. Allise even helps Laura with her sign language so she can be more proficient. We can all agree that Allise is also very creative. Aside from her knitting, below are some of the projects Allise has created during arts and crafts Zoom classes.


allise lovell 3

Congratulations Allise on being able to return to work. Stay safe, have fun, make some money (manage it well) and enjoy getting to work with VV job coach Jessica again.

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