Krissy Gillespie

Krissy Gillespie

Krissy Gillespie joined our ADP program in 2018. Let's find out more about her experiences working with VV participants during COVID-19. This Q&A article was first published in our December 2020 newsletter.

Question: Can you highlight some of your work responsibilities while we are closed to in-person programming at our buildings?

Answer: I host a few Zoom activities every week. One of the more popular Zooms is Bingo. It's been great to be able to connect with each other safely and still engage in games and activities through Zoom. I also spend time Facetiming with each of my clients (Johnny, Ayesha, Regan and Chandra) every day. We talk about what tools we are using to stay safe during this time and what activities they are doing outside of Zoom to stay busy at home. We try and stay as connected as possible. 


Question: What is something challenging, rewarding or surprising that has come out of working at VV during these unprecedented times over the last few months? 

Answer: Positivity has become a main topic for my clients and myself. It's very hard to get lost and let your mind go to the 'worry zone'. Spending time every day talking about what we are grateful for and how we are each staying positive has been a great tool and one that has surprisingly gotten my clients and I out of some negative feelings about these circumstances. 


Question: What do you miss most due to in-person programming restrictions?

Answer: I miss the social interaction. Making my clients days brighter and bringing a smile to their faces is something I look forward to every day. I'm very glad we have the technology available so I can still see their faces.


Question: What's something interesting about you that you would like to share with us?

Answer: I am a singer and song writer and use my life experiences to inspire people through my music all over the world.


Question: What is your motto for life or a quote that really resonates with you?

Answer: "Grow through what you go through."


Thank you Krissy for your dedication. You are loved by many.


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