Ghasem Mousavi

Ghasem Mousavi

Ghasem Mousavi has been part of our VV family since July of 2007. He is a Community Coach for our ADP program.

Question:  For the first time in 13 years, you found yourself coaching in different ways and using different means during the pandemic. What are some highlights of being a job coach during the pandemic?

Answer: I really enjoy leading the Monday morning Zoom exercise activity. I am still assigned to my same group as before the pandemic and I have been staying very connected with them. I make sure to remind them to practice safety measures and we do many activities together from a distance. Sometimes, I get to say hi in person when I drop activities off to them. I enjoy giving them reading, coloring and puzzle activities that I pick out for them.


Question: How often do you call your participant group members?

Answer: I normally call them before 9:00 am Monday - Friday and remind them of our Zoom schedule for the day. I also ask them to reach out to me with their comments on their experiences in our Zoom classes throughout the day. I’m so proud of them.


Question: What is something challenging, rewarding or surprising that has come out of working at VV during these unprecedented times over the last few months?

Answer: Even though we are further apart physically, I feel that our human connection within our ADP family is stronger than before. We share more time in large groups via Zoom and we've each had a chance to get to know all of the participants and job coaches in ADP better. I also believe our participants have shown more self-confidence and independence. We job coaches can learn from them now. It is amazing for me.


Question: What did you miss most about our in-person programming at VV?

Answer: I miss the in-person face to face communication because I think it is the best way of communicating despite all of the new technology. Body language is an important part of communication and it can give us hope and energy.


Speaking of hope and energy, anyone who has seen Ghasem in action knows that he exudes positivity and encouragement everywhere he goes. He really is a cheerleader for our participants and staff.

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