Devon Jackson

Devon Jackson

Devon Jackson joined DTAC Pala in 2018. He was hired to manage shipping and receiving for our warehouse.

While his primary responsibilities are to ensure an orderly warehouse, he gets along very well with the participants and staff so everyone knows they can always ask him for assistance. He's happy to help. Since our warehouse is not receiving new shipments during the pandemic, Devon has been fortunate to move into an Instructional Assistant role. He's happy to maintain employment at VV and he even hosts some of our cooking tutorials on Zoom. Let's find out more about 'Chef Devon'.

Question: How did you first learn about VV?

Answer: I first heard about VV through a contact at my church, Venturis Jones, who happens to be the HR Manager for VV.


Question: How would you describe VV to someone new?

Answer: I would describe VV as a community where we all help each other to be better.


Question: What is your favorite part about your job at VV?

Answer: Making great friends and knowing that I'm helping is very rewarding.


Question: Did you volunteer or work with people with disabilities before VV?

Answer: I volunteered at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda where some of the patients were uniquely-abled.


Question: What's something interesting about you that you would like to share with us?

Answer: I grew up in special education myself.


Question: What is your motto for life or a quote that really resonates with you?

Answer: 'A winner is a dreamer who never gives up' - Nelson Mandela.


Thanks Devon for wearing many hats at VV and for being positive, patient and always willing to help wherever you can.

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