Creating Opportunities
for Adults with Disabilities


Day Training Activity Program (Pala)


A Transition Program

This facility based program provides assessment, vocational training, coounseling, and employment at our Mission Viejo site.

The Day Training Activity Program (Pala) provides a competent and dependable work force which contracts with various businesses in the community to do a number of jobs such as collating, assembly and packaging, labeling, shrink-wrap and heat sealing.

The Day Training Activity Program (Pala) is a Special Needs Program. This program provides enhanced supervision and accommodations for persons with exceptional needs by providing a 1:6 ratio while participating in a productive work program.


This "transition program" offers curriculum to recognize and alleviate barriers to community employment. It offers assessment of individual aptitudes and interests through classroom courseware, job exploration and on-the-job assessments as selected sites. The program also provides, through our job developer, training in interview technique, job application completion, and job search skills. Participants are assisted with the job application and interviewing process and are matched to jobs that are sought specifically to meet their interests. Throughout the process of vocational assistance, the Day Training Activity Program (Pala) participant is aware of the progression of activities that, when completed, will provide successful employment.


Program at a Glance

  • Funded by RCOC

  • Transportation funded by Regional Center of Orange County

  • Assessment and vocational training

  • Enhanced supervision for people with extra needs

  • Ratio 1:15 (Special Needs Ratio 1:6)



Contact Vai Parker, 949-837-7280 ext. 207 for more information.