Creating Opportunities
for Adults with Disabilities

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Programs Overview


Programs We Offer

The specific needs of each person are the most important criteria in determining the best program options. Currently our programs include (click a name to view):


Day Training Activity Program
Where people grow in daily living skills and decision making through community involvement and onsite activities.


Adult Development Program
Where everyone is immersed in their community and works at respected establishments or experiences the entrepreneurial spirit of business ownership.


Health Related Services Program
Where people with health conditions grow in life skills and community involvement and makes daily choices about their life.


Emeritus Program
Where seniors and others utilize community and site based activities to develop and improve their daily living skills.


Supported Employment Program
Where everyone exercises their right to work in local businesses, earns a paycheck, and fully integrates into their community.


Clubhouse - House of Champions
Where the music is loud and the fun never stops.