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Transportation Funding Opportunity

Transportation is vital to the majority of Vocational Visions’ programs. We need a reliable fleet of vehicles to take participants to and from community work sites, and for community integration as well. Community integration allows these men and women to explore potential job sites and interests, interact with peers that do not have a disability, learn valuable daily life skills, and explore a wealth of cultural, educational, and social opportunities in the surrounding Orange County communities.


We have a plan over the next two years to replace several of our well-used vehicles that have well over 150,000 miles, and we need your help! We are always applying for grants to help with transportation, and many times foundations require matching donations from the organization. Any help you provide helps us get closer to our goal of having a fleet of safe, comfortable, and properly-outfitted vehicles. Thank you!!


$500 can transport 10 participants to and from jobsites for two weeks

$100 can equip a vehicle with a premium first aid kit and fire extinguisher

$50 can provide gas for a day of community exploration for 20 people